The Fallen Prince

The Fallen Prince
May 22, 2016

I received a review copy of The Fallen Prince by Amalie Howard from SkyHorse Publishing..
The Fallen Prince started off slower than I had expected, it seemed to pick up exactly where The Almost Girl left off...but I soon realized almost an entire year had passed. In the beginning I was frustrated with a lot of Riven's decisions, but that soon changed.
The author brings back some of the characters from The Almost Girl and introduces us to some new and exciting characters as well. I particularly enjoyed Bass. I felt like his interactions with Riven were almost more real than Caden's. Which is a little disappointing if you are a lover of Caden. I was also less than thrilled about how weak Riven’s mother seemed in this book, especially when she was so awesome in the last one.
And honorable mention to that one scene near the pillars in the Outters that nearly broke my heart!

The Fallen Prince is full of the same cyborg excitement as the Almost girl, and I love the way Amalie paints a picture of the word she has created. In the Fallen prince we are introduced to another entire group of people we had no idea existed ( I can’t say much more without spoilers) BUT the imagery surrounding these people is vivid and beautiful.
The best part by far was the action. Amalie knows how to write amazing edge of your seat action to keep you turning the page. It didn’t get intense until about 30% into the story but as soon as it gripped me, it refused to let go ( sort of like a certain suit i’d love to get my hands on).
I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun Sci-Fi read & I think if you enjoyed book 1 you will be equally pleased with the continuation of the story. Though, personally, I did enjoy The Almost Girl a little more than The Fallen Prince

** Also How Great are these covers Guys??? ** 

** I LOVE the Look of The Almost Girl cover **

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