It's Finally Here!!! Zeus Is Dead .... The release we've all been waiting for!

Title: Zeus is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure
Author: Michael G. Munz
Genre: Contemporary Mythological Fantasy
Release date: July 21st
Publisher: Booktrope Publishing
Length: 446 pages (paperback), 2014

The gods are back. Did you myth them?

You probably saw the press conference. Nine months ago, Zeus's murder catapulted the
Greek gods back into our world. Now they revel in their new temples, casinos, and media
empires—well, all except Apollo. A compulsive overachiever with a bursting portfolio of
godly duties, the amount of email alone that he receives from rapacious mortals turns each
of his days into a living hell.
Yet there may be hope, if only he can return Zeus to life! With the aid of Thalia, the muse of
comedy and science fiction, Apollo will risk his very godhood to help sarcastic TV producer
Tracy Wallace and a gamer-geek named Leif—two mortals who hold the key to Zeus's
resurrection. (Well, probably. Prophecies are tricky buggers.)
Soon an overflowing inbox will be the least of Apollo’s troubles. Whoever murdered Zeus will certainly kill again to prevent his return, and avoiding them would be far easier if Apollo could possibly figure out who they are.Even worse, the muse is starting to get cranky.Discover a world where reality TV heroes slay actual monsters and the gods have their own Twitter feeds: Zeus Is Dead:


I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of "Zeus is Dead" in exchange for an honest review, so here it is.

I LOVE Greek mythology! It is something I have found interesting since I was a child, so I was already excited going into this book. I mean... "Zeus is Dead", but wait he's immortal so what the heck?
Does it get anymore hilarious? Take a group of insignificant mortals and toss them into... Well.... Mortal danger with some immortal foes, throw in a couple of bad attitudes and pissed off Demi-Gods and you've got yourself a party!

I was worried that this was going to be a story about Greek Gods on a reality T.V series, which I can tell you I would have had zero interest in. I really dislike reality television. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that wasn't the case at all.

When I first met the Gods I instantly fell in love. Every one had a different attitude, and they were all so true to the original Myths that it felt as tough I didn't have to get to know them... I already did.

Upon first meeting Leif I knew he would make an amazing main character, what I didn't know was he would completely revamp the concept of reluctant hero.Tracy on the other hand I sincerely disliked for quite  a duration of the book. She seemed way too uptight and well, drab...until it all changed.

This book is literally laugh out loud funny, all the way through. There were times where I couldn't decide which Gods side I wanted to be on!

The main Character is Apollo no, it's Leif no, wait it's Tracy  no, it's everyone... At one point or another, which I find positively fantastic.There is a solid plot ( which too often is missing from comical novels). This is the type of book Christopher Moore will wish he thought of first, and you're a fan of Chris you will enjoy reading "Zeus is Dead" immensely. A good, solid subplot is almost more important to me than the main plot. "Zeus is Dead" has several sub plots, each as amusing as the next.  I feel as though I can be really sucked into a book, which is just where I want to be and exactly where I found myself.

My absolute favorite was the way the author recreated the Fates. I think his take on them ( while holding true to tradition) was one of the most original I have ever come across. Though we shouldn't leave out the Muses. Each one spectacular in their own right. They are utterly hilarious and I found myself dying to know which one was in charge of inspiring what exactly. If that is not enough for you guys, we can take a minute to reflect on the following two words "Ninja Christians". Yeah that happened..

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An award-winning writer of speculative fiction, Michael G. Munz was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Washington State in 1977 at the age of three. Unable to escape the state’s gravity, he has spent most of his life there and studied writing at the University of Washington.
Michael developed his creative bug in college, writing and filming four exceedingly amateur films before setting his sights on becoming a novelist. Driving this goal is the desire to tell entertaining stories that give to others the same pleasure as other writers have given to him. He enjoys writing tales that combine the modern world with the futuristic or fantastic.
Michael has traveled to three continents and has an interest in Celtic and Classical mythology. He also possesses what most “normal” people would likely deem far too much familiarity with a wide range of geek culture, though Michael prefers the term geek-bard: a jack of all geek-trades, but master of none—except possibly Farscape and Twin Peaks.
Michael dwells in Seattle where he continues his quest to write the most entertaining novel known to humankind and find a really fantastic clam linguine.
Find out more about him at While there, it wouldn't hurt to get a FREE copy of Mythed Connections, the spiritual prequel to Zeus is Dead.

“Not since the people of Atlantis predicted ‘low humidity’ has there been such an original twist in Greek Mythology. This book is also far more amusing.”
—Brian Rathbone, creator of the bestselling Godsland Fantasy Series

Zeus Is Dead is a book about the return of old gods, but Cthulhu is not in evidence, and it did not drive me to the very edge of madness. Instead it is a hilarious, satirical, page-turning romp through a world beset by plagues of monsters, egotistical gods, and reality television shows. I highly recommend this book to those who value both their sanity and a hearty guffaw. ”
—Seamus Cooper, author of The Mall of Cthulhu

“Delivering us from a sea of endlessly morose and self-important supernatural fiction, Zeus Is Dead understands that Greek mythology is more than a little bit insane and—rather than ignore the unseemly aspects—embraces them with the appropriate level of snark and style. Munz’s tale echoes the bureaucratic insanity of Douglas Adam’s creations, the banter of Grant and Naylor’s Red Dwarf, and the cynicism of Ben Croshaw in order to bring us a clever, hilarious tale of adventure and grudging heroism.

I guess what I’m saying is that unless you really like your supernatural fiction all mopey and dull, you’ll find
something to love here.”

—Jonathan Charles Bruce, author of Project Northwoods

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