Stalking Jack the Ripper


I received an ARC of Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco At BEA this year( who just happened to be there & willing to autograph it <3 ).

I LOVED the cover (I MEAN LOOK AT IT) and synopsis instantly and was seriously excited to start reading. It was the FIRST BEA book from my pile I decided to read. I was a bit skeptical when I saw that it was from James Patterson's new imprint, not that there is anything wrong with JP. Its just there were only a handful of books by him that I enjoyed but I know he is well loved by other readers.

Well Mr. Patterson you did well! This is an EPIC story and the perfect choice for the first book in an imprint.

I fist started reading Stalking Jack the Ripper and was surprised to find it didn't quite read as much like historical fiction as I expected. It seemed some of the language and terminology was a little too modern. Though in all fairness that may be because I've been surrounded in historical fiction as of late and have grown accustomed to it.

I called the 'bad guy' from the beginning however I never could have guessed all those plot twists! The main character Audry Rose is adorable. She is spirited and unruly and yet still so demure. Thomas is really a pain in the butt, yet it suits him well. I was a huge fan of Audry's uncle and cousin. I want a story about Liza next. haha. There is a particular scene that takes place at the circus that really endeared me to another character but I can't say any more. NO SPOILERS. The Mystery. The Intrigue. The Horror. The Elegance. The blood! All tied together in a fancy lace package and if the story doesn't keep you up all night the included photos will!

Stalking Jack the Ripper is a MUST read & I think it officially holds the title for my second favorite book this year!


  1. LOVE the new look!! Can't wait to read this book!!

  2. I totally love this because 1, I LOVE PURPLE and 2 because you love a book that I really want to read!!!! Congrats and YAY for an amazing review <3