The Almost Girl

The Almost Girl
March 20, 2016

I received a copy of The Almost Girl by Amalie Howard from the publisher. I knew from the moment I read the blurb that I was going to enjoy it. I was totally in the mood for a YA Sci-Fi!
When I read the first page, I was put off by one thing and almost stopped reading, but I said to myself “Don’t be absurd give the book more than one page!” so I pushed past this and I’m so glad I did. The beginning of this story is so intensely full of twists and turns I was sucked in and couldn’t wait to see where the author would take the story.
I loved Riven and with her it was one surprise after the next. Shea was easily a favorite character as well. The major issue I had with the story was Riven and Cades development … their friendship grew quickly and there was no moment for me where the two connected. You know that moment where someone does something, acts a particular way, or shows you a side of themselves that makes you change your mind about them. I missed it. However, toward the end of the story this didn’t matter so much. I accepted it for what is was and enjoyed the rest of the book. Plus those Vector suits! LOVE Them!!!
Amalie is a gifted world builder and I felt as though I was part of every scene and emotion. The action scenes were engaging and suspenseful and at times heart stopping.
The Almost Girl is definitely a book I would recommend as it was an enjoyable sci-fi and the author kept you guessing most of the way through, which is one of my favorite story elements. I cannot wait to read The Fallen Prince, Book 2 in the Riven Chronicles

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