Adult Titles for the YA reader!

So I've been thinking about Titles classified as "Adult". I mean Red Rising by Pierce Brown is sold in the Adult Sci-Fi /Fantasy section of my local bookstore, but it really meets the qualifications of a "Young Adult" book. I don't really believe books should be separated by this silly notion of  'Young Adult' and 'Adult'. I've read MG, YA, NA, A, and  PB's and don't particularly prioritize my TBR by the age group it's marketed to. That being said some 'Adult' books have exhausting prose (though that can be true for YA as well), graphic sexual content, and/or graphic violence, all of which I would prefer to avoid. So If you're like me and LOVE your YA fiction but sometimes crave an 'Adult' book I've got what you need.

A list of my favorite 'Adult' Books that could pass for (or read like) YA:
*(please be aware some of the books listed have a bit of violence, and/or sex but nothing I found too off-putting to my particular taste and NONE of them have what I term dull prose!)*


by Pierce Brown *Swoon*
 - This series has SOME adult language, Pierce doesn't really censor it all. There is a bit of adult content but nothing too major that I noticed. I've only read Red Rising so far, but Golden Son is sitting pretty on my TBR. The first book is kind of like Hunger Games in space with a really great concept. It really picks up near the middle and becomes something you can't put down. You become invested, You become a Howler!

<--- Peirce & I <3

                 My copy of  Golden Son ----->

2)  A Darker Shade of Magic & A Gathering of Shadows

by Victoria Schwab

I LOVE this series. I think one character MAY be YA aged, but for those of you who don't know V writes YA too. I think this book would appeal to her YA readers as much as her new 'Adult' following.

ADSOM & AGOS are positively magical! I can't think of a character I didn't adore & those of you who know me, Prince RHY is LIFE <3 With  4 parallel Londons to enjoy and a Kell what could go wrong?

3) The Aeronauts Windlass/Furies of Calderon/Dresden Files
by Jim Butcher

The Aeronauts Windlass is Jim's Newest book. It's a Steam Punk Fantasy that totally kicks butt! Half the characters are Young Adults! Romance is an after thought in this story where the citizens of one Spire start a war with the other. We're talking magic crystals, Air ships, Cats and a Girl named Gwen who I adore!!
<---- That's me & Jim

There is no sexual violence and little bad language ( if any). I think YA readers who are into steam punk right now will really love this Gem.

Jim has a Fantasy series as well, The Furies of Calderon which is pretty much EPIC so Tavi is also ....wait for it.... a YA character! At least in the beginning he is.

There is also Jim's most famous series the Dresden Files, this one is in no way a YA BUT it's about a Wizard Deceive in Chicago with a pet skull!!!  So it could be worth checking out. They're longer reads, for me anyway, but totally enjoyable. Kind of Like Skulldugger Pleasant meets Harry Potter for 'grown ups'.

4) The Hamilton Affair
by Elizabeth Cobbs 

***********Did someone say HAMILTON?*******

Okay so This one is actually still on my TBR. It's being marketed as a YA Crossover - which basically means fun for Young...and Old Adults?
Hamilton is pretty much the IT thing the past few months and with good cause. The Hamilton Affair tells the story Of Our buddy Alex and his life. There is War, Romance & Elizabeth Schulyer! It's sure to be a great read and I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into it (though, not literally, poor book).

Have you read any of these? What are your thoughts?
If you've read The Hamilton Affair I would especially like to know what you thought of it.

<3 A-


** Notable Mention**
The Green Rider series by Kristen Britain

The Green Rider series can be found in the Adult Fantasy section at the book store, but it's really very YA. Its about a girl named Karrigan... I think she's about 17 in book one. It is my absolute Favorite Fantasy series of all time EVER! If you're looking for something new to read give this beauty a try! You won't regret it (Unless you do, in which case our friendship is extremely questionable from this point on).

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