The Final Girls Review

The Final Girls 

by Riley Sager

 I picked requested this ARC from the publisher after my wonderful friend Lexie @PRationality recommended it to me.

HUGE thank you to Dutton/ Penguin Random House for allowing me the chance to get my hands on it early, especially since the author is local to me.

 The Final Girls definitely did not fall into any of my usual genre categories. I’m not huge on Thrillers, though I’ve read a few here and there. The Final Girls is an amazing book! It was so intense in fact that I read the entire thing, cover to cover in ONE night & on a work night no less! From the moment I opened it I was drawn into Quinn’s life, her terror and anxiety and the desperation to be normal again.

 Her fiancé Jeff leaves something to be desired however. His character while having no grasp on how impacted she is from the events in her life he has a crappy personality and is not very complex. Fortunately, Jeff being horrible does not in anyway take away from the story and the other supporting characters are really brought to life. I was impressed with the way the author was able to bring certain characters that were already deceased to life. Rodney became a hero in my eyes and I hurt for Amy though I hardly had time to know her. The ending shocked me. I didn’t see it coming at ALL.

I had tried to figure out who HE was many times and I had come up with a multitude of possibilities but I never guessed the truth. The only hint I had was small and near the end and even then I thought that tiny hint was suggesting something else entirely. The content was never too extreme. There was of course some adult scenes, some sexual content and some violence, but nothing so over the top that it was offensive and every bit of it was crucial to the story line. So if you’re a fan of YA Thrillers this book would absolutely be something (in my opinion) that you might enjoy.

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of thrillers either, but it sounds interesting :) I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Nice review!